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Over the years, fleet vehicle specifications have gone through significant changes, having been impacted by the economy, products and programs offered by manufacturers, operational requirements of the vehicles themselves, as well as the emergence of the import vehicle.

In the early days of fleet management, domestic brands ruled the roost with GM, Ford, and Chrysler predominating in the fleet market and, to a lesser degree, second-tier brands such as Studebaker, Hudson, Nash, and later American Motors, et al. They all generally offered models in just two levels — standard and deluxe — and for the majority of fleet operators, the standard lineup were the vehicles of choice. Other factors eventually emerged over time affecting the vehicle selection and order placement decision. (Excised from Al Cavalli's November 2011 article, Fleet Selectors: How They Have Changed.)

At PAPCO, we don't stock many parts for Studebakers, Hudsons, or Nashs but we can help you maintain the factory quality status of your GM, Ford, and Chrysler fleet by providing you with factory quality parts such as ACDelco, Motorcraft, and Mopar branded parts. Many of your fleets run 24/7 and PAPCO's 24/7 on-line ordering portal can accept your orders whenever you are ready to place them.

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